Best antivirus for windows 10

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You could be one of two people. Either you could be a tech-savvy who knows everything he needs to know about computers or you can be a person who only uses it for fun or work and so know nothing about its maintenance. Now doesn’t matter which category you fall in, when you are using a computer it becomes your moral responsibility to keep it safe from all sorts of hackers, worms, and viruses.

Your system is more vulnerable to threats if it is connected to the web all the time. In the present age, it is no big deal to transfer the virus from one device to another by sitting far away. So you should keep your system ready all the time to fight and kill viruses and all other kinds of threats. But the question is how? Well, the best and easiest way is to give this responsibility to your windows defender. No matter which windows version you are using, it’s by default defender can protect your device the best. All you have to do is to update it from time to time and it will be your valuable protector. Now you might be wondering that if windows defender is enough to keep the system safe from viruses then why there are so many antiviruses in the market. Well, your question is valid.

Before i clear your query I have a question for you. What if someone you know gets a dangerous disease which can kill him if not cure. Will you suggest him any anti-biotic? Obviously no. You would suggest him to go to the doctor who can cure it better. Similar is the case with antiviruses. Viruses are like diseases and sometimes you need specific antivirus to kill that disease from the root.

Ok so now let’s check some best antivirus for Windows 10. Remember, the choice of your antivirus depends on your windows version.  You may use any other but then don’t expect a 100% result.

Our first choice for you is Norton security 360. You can enjoy its perks on android, IOS and Mac as well. Typically you can get its subscription in $100 for an entire year but if you get lucky enough to buy it from the sale then you may end up saving your $40. The most exciting part about this software is that apart from providing the security it also gives you safe browsing tools and a 100GB of backup to the online cloud.

Our second pick is Malwarebytes. Like Norton security 360 it is also compatible with android, IOS, and Mac. You can get it in $40 for one device per year. It is one of the best options you must consider. If you want to know more about it then check out its official website. Once you test it yourself then you can also recommend it to other people as well.

Other than above-mentioned antiviruses you can also check bit defender and Avast as they are worth using too.  No matter which antivirus you choose, just make sure you update it regularly. Updates are like dose which give strength to the antiviruses so they can fight the malware and keep your system safe and secure