Is Microsoft Defender good for your PC?

One of the main features of the Microsoft defender operating system is its freeness for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. However, Windows 7 owners will have exactly one year to upgrade, otherwise, you will still have to pay for the operating system.

Choose a Laptop OS: Types of Laptop Operating Systems

To decide in favor of which operation for the laptop to make a choice, you should understand the types of such systems:

  • Most laptops run Windows – a variant of Microsoft;
  • APPLE products are sharpened for MacOS;
  • Linux is a slightly less popular OS, but it definitely has something to boast about, and it has a lot of fans.

In addition to significant updates to the interface, which, however, resembles the already familiar Windows 8.1, the changes affected the system kernel and many built-in services. The most important innovation is that Microsoft will abandon or completely redesign the legendary Internet Explorer browser, which has long been in need of major repairs. Project Spartan will get a lot of new built-in features. For example, you can bookmark web pages. At the same time externally, it fits perfectly into the interface of the operating system and its concept.

In the days of Windows 7, when it was offered as a separate boot, now it’s built right into Windows and turned on by default. This is not the best solution for today’s security issues, such as software requirements. Use the built-in Windows Defender for traditional antiviruses – criminals have switched from conventional viruses to focus on program requirements, zero-day attacks, and even worse malware that traditional antiviruses simply can’t handle. Windows Defender is built-in, flashes quickly, doesn’t annoy you, and does its job.

Microsoft Defender Is Good for Your PC

Microsoft defender is the best free antivirus reddit. A home PC program quickly finds common viruses. Demonstrates a high level of protection: files are scanned, suspects are excluded from the quick checklist. The included Virus Stalker search engine is certified by laboratories. Treats infected files and does not conflict with them from other manufacturers. The installation process is not complicated, but demanding on the resources of the device. Benefits:

  • availability of translation to other platforms;
  • high scanning speed;
  • the constant release of updates and virus databases;
  • analysis of the behavior of potential threats – removal of viruses that can infect system files before their activation;
  • Internet Connection Inspector to know how secure the LAN is and to prevent outside threats;
  • work on weak configurations;
  • real-time protection against advertising and viruses.

What is within the competence of the antivirus:

  • malware protection – display of browser attacks;
  • detects exploit sites and other Internet threats in real-time;
  • protection of confidential information;
  • email spam filtering;
  • system check on the schedule.

The main support for the “seven” has stopped, no updates are delivered to it, but this modification is still a full-featured product that is popular. A transitional link between the seventh and tenth versions. In it, for the first time developers made attempts to implement the interface sharpened under devices with the touch screen. However, it is considered unfinished, so as soon as the 10th OS came out – many switched to it.